Hello World

This is where my story picks up. That’s right- you’re sort of walking in on the middle of something. And before I fill you in, I need to apologize. Because all of the stuff you’ve already missed has added up to one important truth: I don’t have time for anything that steals joy from the actual business of living. That’s right guys, not even you. Not even this blog. And really truly anything that steers and pushes and drives me forcefully away from the present moment – It’s no longer my priority.

My presence in my home, my community, this actual moment, with these real-life humans (little and big alike) THEY are what I’m living for now. And as long as these words move my heart “further up and further in” – I will keep sharing them with you. Because I truly do long to create a community of passionately present women. So this is a not a place to hide from our lives. I am done with indulging escapism and validating endless scrolling. This is a place for sacredly and honestly sussing out all of the small moments that make up one short beautiful life. It’s a threshing floor for all that’s being worked out in my heart and mind; a sanctifying, wrestling, building altars sort of space. I hope you’ll join me in the messy work of being exactly where we are. I hope that together, we’ll choose to get down into the dirt, to boldly look at the lives in front of us, and to intentionally open up our weary hands, to plant hope into the hard, dry, cracked places – one word, one moment, one truth at a time.

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